Effective management of client assets is a process. After determining their current circumstances, the first step is to clearly understand their RISK TOLERANCE. That analysis enables us to develop an INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT to clearly state client goals, establish investment boundaries, and finally to develop the asset allocation expected to achieve their desired results. After IMPLEMENTATION, periodic meetings are used to ensure ongoing performance meets client expectations.
Some of our specialized services include:


  • Access to institutional money managers via SEI
  • Free and unlimited check writing account with overdraft protection, ATM access, no fee debit card usage, ACH transfers, online bill payment etc. linked to your SEI account.
  • Personal Financial Planning, using state of the art interactive software
  • Asset management for trusts, including Family Trusts, Special Needs Trusts for disabled adults, Charitable Trusts, etc.
  • Secure, 24 seven online access to both assets under management and comprehensive financial plans.
  • Socially screened investment portfolio management
  • Individual and Business Retirement plans

If you’d like a free risk analysis for your existing portfolio, click on link below.

If you would not drive without a speedometer, why would you invest your life savings without knowing the risk number?

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