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Paying Off College Debt? Make a Plan
Structure can be more productive than swiftness
Children are Targets for Identity Theft
Security is a lifelong effort
The Market in a Minute
A recap of the last three months… in one minute or less.


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What steps can a family take?
Provided by Gerald Quigley

Besides impacting lives and relationships, dementia can also impact family finances. It may call for another family member to assume money management responsibilities for a parent, grandparent, or sibling. It may increase the risk of financial exploitation, even as … Read More

What should you know? What should your executor know?
Provided by Gerald Quigley

When people think about estate planning, they may think in terms of personal property, real estate, and investments. Digital assets might seem like a lesser concern, perhaps no concern at all. But it is something … Read More

Want a better financial future for yourself? Act now.
Provided by Gerald Quigley

As a young woman, you have an opportunity to make some major financial strides. You truly have time on your side when it comes to investing, saving, and harnessing the power of compounding. Now is the … Read More

Who should inherit your IRA or 401(k)? See that they do

Provided by Gerald Quigley

Here’s a simple financial question: who is the beneficiary of your IRA? How about your 401(k) or annuity?You may be saying, “I’m not sure.” It is smart to periodically review your beneficiary designations.


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How does the BRS differ from the LRS?
Provided by Gerald Quigley

The U.S. military has made a major change to its retirement program. Manyactive duty, Reserve, and National Guard membersare eligible to choose between two retirement savings and pension options: the new Blended Retirement System (BRS) … Read More

A good professional provides important guidance and insight through the years.

Provided by Gerald Quigly

What kind of role can a financial professional play for an investor? The answer: a very important one. While the value of such a relationship is hard to quantify, the intangible benefits … Read More

Setting a strategy down may help you define just what you need to do.
Provided by Gerald Quigley

Many people save and invest vaguely for the future. They know they need to accumulate money for retirement, but when it comes to how much they will need or how they … Read More

With or without the estate tax, it addresses several key priorities.
Provided by Gerald Quigley

Every few years, predictions emerge that the estate tax will sunset. Even if it does, that will not remove the need for life insurance in estate planning. Why? The reasons are numerous.


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It is a challenge – and it must be met.
Provided by Gerald Quigley

How does a single parent plan for retirement? Diligently. Regularly. Rigorously. Here are some steps that may help, whether you are just beginning to do this or well on your way.


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